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MINDBENCH brings science and entrepreneurial acumen to business and marketing advisory and in forging powerful synergies with your publics. Our approach are uniquely designed to suit the context and needs of your brand and the organization.

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About Us

MINDBENCH PHILIPPINES made it the company’s business to monitor and understand the shifting and complex Philippine landscape. This puts the company in a strategic position to guide organizations on how to position their business and operations in the Philippines that will result to successful outcomes. Backed by the collective professional experience and network of its team, MINDBENCH offers a wide range of strategic consultancy and advisory solutions to organizations from various sectors and industries that need business, marketing and communication services.

As a duly registered marketing and distribution company in the Philippines, MINDBENCH can also forge strategic business partnerships with companies that are pursuing growth and expansion plans in the Philippines. As a business partner, MINDBENCH essentially functions as the official local office and partner of the company that pursues and represents its interests in the business negotiations, deals and other official transactions.


To successfully do business in the Philippines, organizations need to have an astute reading of the environment and the forces that shape the attitude, the motivation and the decisions of people. This is made more complex by the deeply relational manner by which transactions are done in one of Asia’s fastest growing economy.
Technology empowers the public to participate in brand building and in setting the agenda.

Recent years have shown the rapid growth trajectory of the Philippine economy. Analysts have attributed this growth to several factors including the country’s large but young population; improved economic structures and fundamentals; and establishment of the government’s anti-corruption programs.

Consumer spending also remains to be robust thanks to the sustained growth of overseas remittances, which has helped keep the economy afloat even through difficult economic conditions.

These factors have eventually contributed to the high penetration of technology in the country giving Filipinos access to broader information and empowering citizens to participate in policy decisions; making the Philippines an ideal case study on the role of technology and social media in modern democracy.

While these factors have resulted to notable socio-economic gains, an empowered citizenry also creates a more complex playing field as stakeholder expectations rise with the changing social landscape. Rising inequality remains a challenge bringing experts to demand for government to make its economic policies and programs more inclusive to sustain the country’s economic momentum. Organizations, particularly businesses, are equally expected to participate in development by conscientiously balancing profit with their social responsibilities.


Mindbench at the nexus of business, media, government and NGOs
MINDBENCH is backed up by a team and network of professionals who have decades of experience in government service, communications consultancy, and media relations. Their combined network puts Mindbench in a unique position to engage key publics and to bring experience-based advisory for businesses and organizations.